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Beginner Level - 1-4 Hr

A gentle introduction to the world of foraging
Join us for a walk as we learn how to identify plants & mushrooms around us and gain valuable experience, hands-on, with whatever we find on our adventure together! We will move at a steady pace as to accommodate anyone new to the world of foraging. I am certain you will come away from this experience with valuable skills and lifelong plant allies. Become an experienced forager and wild foods know-it-all! In this program, we will cover basic foraging principles, plant families, look -likes, honorable harvest & we will meet several plants, see what they  teach us, and how they might be connected with the bigger picture of life on this beautiful planet, Earth.


All Levels - 15 hours

This class includes guided walk through nature where we will be exploring tree based ecosystems in Appalachia. Deepening knowledge of tree identification covering tree habits, disturbances & the interdependence on other species for pollination or seed dispersal. Furthermore, we will discuss & experience the synergy between trees & mushrooms operating together in symbiotic ways. A magnificent aspect of nature all while creating space for other organisms of endless possibilities to exist! We will  place names to select mushrooms & learn about distinguishing characteristics in addition to how to spot mushrooms based on tree species & insights on the role of decomposition in the mycelial development.

This class takes place over 3 weeks, we meet for 6 hours each day, once a week, each week at a different location in Appalachian forest, within 1 hour from Asheville


All Levels - 40 Hours

The first step towards confidence & self-sufficiency in procurement, preparation & preservation of wild foods in Appalachia. Together, we will be immersed in living forests, surrounded by plants, mushrooms & animals with the intention of learning about how they live & grow, what they offer, including but not limited to habit & preferred surroundings, identification, role in ecosystem, edibility, medicinality, what they offer our experience & how we can contribute to theirs. 

We will harvest, eat, drink, share & in the glory of our amazing planet covering topics like honorable harvest, cooking techniques, preservation methods, proper identification & the doctorate of signatures, plus much more. 

This class take place over 8 weeks, one day each week, 5 hour classes each day. we will meet at various locations within 1 hour drive of Asheville, NC.


Private Group Booking - 3.5 Hr

This program is for anyone interested in hosting a foraging themed event. Examples of locations include, backyard, school classrooms & gardens, public events, family homesteads/farms or even gatherings at the local park. Together we can choose the best location for our forage & feast! 

On this adventure, your guide will teach you everything you need to know about foraging & safely preparing wild food with culinary expertise. We gather edibles & learn about diverse aspects of foraging for 3 hours, followed with a team collaboration diving into the preparation of a meal composed of what we gathered as well as learning methods & tips along the way of how wild edibles can become incorporated into our daily lives, pantries & plates. 


Full assessment of what plant allies are growing on your property - 2.5 Hr

Curious about what is growing where you live? Knowing what plants and animals are growing around your neck of the woods can be a mighty useful thing. For a private, hands-on experience identifying and harvesting wild edibles, schedule a full assessment of your property and description of the species we find during this visit from Oak.
He will show you how to prepare a culinary creation from wild things harvested at the site of your choice.
Learn to feed yourself and family with what you already have growing, saving you time & energy!


Seasonal focused mushroom foraging - 3.5 Hr

Learn to forage mushrooms with an experienced guide through the seasons in Appalachia. Gain all the skills you need to be a proficient mushroom forager, find morel mushrooms, turkey tail, chaga,  chanterelles, milkies, amanitas, maitake, chicken of the woods, reishi & more... Together we cover spring mushrooms for all of their uses, stories, tasty recipes & we will explore the forests & have a mushroom cooking demonstration  full of culinary  Let’s go!


Immerse yourself in the forest with nature connection, skill & story - 4.5 Hr

Gain a deeper connection with your local biosphere Question the Human-centric- storyline of our planet Nature connection exercises and techniques Learn plant propagation & how to protect native & threatened species Climb mountains & swim rivers Includes day & night time hikes Orientation & wayfinding Survival techniques

See something you like but it's not on the schedule? Contact Oak to figure out what's right for you & host a private event for your family & friends or community!
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