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All Levels - 3.5 Hr

This class includes guided walk through nature where we will be exploring tree based ecosystems in Appalachia. Deepening knowledge of tree identification covering tree habits, disturbances & the interdependence on other species for pollination or seed dispersal. Furthermore, we will discuss & experience the synergy between trees & mushrooms operating together in symbiotic ways. A magnificent aspect of nature all while creating space for other organisms of endless possibilities to exist! We will  place names to select mushrooms & learn about distinguishing characteristics in addition to how to spot mushrooms based on tree species & insights on the role of decomposition in the mycelial development.


All Levels - 2.5 Hr

On this tour, we will be immersed in nature surrounded by plants, mushrooms & animals with the intention of learning about them, how they live & grow & what they offer the greater community; including but not limited to habit & preferred surroundings, identification, role in ecosystem, edibility, medicinality, what they offer our experience & how we can contribute to theirs. 

There is no mandatory guidebook for this tour, however as you begin your journey in befriending the plants & mushrooms we will meet, you may want to consider acquiring a reliable guidebook.


Private Group Booking - 3.5 Hr

This program is for anyone interested in hosting a foraging themed event. Examples of locations include school classrooms & gardens, earth-skill infused events, family homesteads/farms or even gatherings at the local park. Together we can choose the best location for our forage & feast! 

Together we gather edibles & learn about diverse aspects of foraging for 3 hours, followed with a team collaboration diving into the preparation of a meal composed of what we gathered as well as learning methods & tips along the way of how wild edibles can become incorporated into our lives, well being & plates. 


Full assessment of what plant allies are growing on your property - 2.5 Hr

Curious about what is growing where you live? Knowing what plants and animals are growing around your neck of the woods can be a mighty useful thing. For a private, hands-on experience identifying and harvesting wild edibles, schedule a full assessment of your property and description of the species we find during this visit from Oak.


Spring focused mushroom foraging & learn to find tasty wild edibles - 3.5 Hr

Learn to forage mushrooms with an experienced guide through the springtime in Appalachia. Gain all the skills you need to be a proficient mushroom forager, find morel mushrooms, turkey tail, reishi & more... Together we cover spring mushrooms for all of their uses, stories, tasty recipes & we will explore the forests, at several locations There is one sure fire way to find mushrooms in the spring and that is to get out in the woods! What are you waiting for?


Immerse yourself in the forest with nature connection, skill & story - 4.5 Hr

Gain a deeper connection with your local biosphere Question the Human-centric- storyline of our planet Nature connection exercises and techniques Learn plant propagation & how to protect native & threatened species Climb mountains & swim rivers Includes day & night time hikes Orientation & wayfinding Survival techniques



Take a wondrous walk placing names to select mushrooms & learning about distinguishing characteristics in addition to how to spot mushrooms based on tree species & insights on the role of decomposition in the mycelial development.


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