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Hey friends, I’m chugging right along with regular plant walks in Asheville these days. I have a few free plant walks posted on with the meetup group, “Enjoy your life Asheville.” I highly suggest you join this group, as they have regularly Scheduled events that are accessible and lots of fun. Every person I’ve met through this group has been amazing.

Finding this meetup group was a truly serendipitous event. In 2018 I started doing free plant walks for the community and most were very poorly attended. It was a stroke of luck that a gentleman who attended mentioned his involvement with this meetup group and connected me to the amazing organizer, Norque.

Since then I have been hosting regular plant walks, with 10-20+ people at each one! Wow what a blessing it has been for helping get the word out & sharing my gifts with the community.

I’m not likely the best teacher around Asheville, but practice makes progress and every time I lead a walk I get better and better at it.

One great thing about my walks is that they are FREE! Yes, just like the amazing wild foods we find on these walks, they don’t cost a thing. Recently, we have been asking for a small 3$ donation to Enjoy your life Asheville, but that is mainly to reserve your spot, as most of my walks fill to capacity within a couple days of posting them.

I have hosted paid walks as well, but they just aren’t as well attended, and the price I believe turns many people off. Hosting free walks I find is the best way to share this work which is so important to me, and makes it much more accessible. I’d rather have 20 people on a walk and make nothing than only reach 3 people and make $100.

Anyways, check out the meetup group and see what’s out there!

more to come soon,

Oak InLove

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Find free plants walks on

Greetings folks, just an update here, you can stay up to date with all of Oak's free plant walks on meetup with the group, enjoy your life asheville at they occur