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Wild Foods Instructor M. E. Oak InLove

Plant and Mushroom Identification, Simplified.

Mason Everyone Oak InLove is my name, Earth connection is my game. Earth connection includes plant identification, mushroom hunting, wild edibles, harvest and preparation, wilderness survival and the list goes on and on...

Come along on a walk with me, a walk through the woods with your best friends. Some you know, and some you will meet, but all of us are on this walk together, so let us make the most of it!

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Mason Everyone Oak InLove

A Short Biography

Explore a new way of traveling with Oak InLove. As a dedicated Hiking Guide since 2000, I know plenty of great travel tips and the best hidden spots. Join one of my guided tours and get ready for an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to design your own tour, get in touch directly and I will be more than happy to work with your requests.


Current Tours

Connect deeply with your planet


Wild Foods Tour

Basic 3 hour Learning Experience
Learn how to confidently identify plants, mushrooms and more...
Gain practical skills for finding, harvesting and consuming wild foods and medicines. Each tour includes a cooking demo and tasting with ingredients we harvest.


Seasonal Mushroom Foraging

Looking to experience the magic and mystery of foraging for edible mushrooms?
On this tour we search for mushroom species based on the season, learn to harvest and prepare what we find, learn the characteristics of and how to differentiate choice edibles from toxic look-alikes.


Wilderness Awareness

Experience the beauty of our native forest ecosystems, the web of life that keeps us all harmoniously connected. On this day hike, we will identify wild edibles and commune with plant and animal allies along the way, unravel the mysteries of life as we share our experiences, and build our forest awareness with nature connection exercises. Bring a desire to connect more deeply with our native forests.


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